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About Me Online

about me onlineA Plan For Success to Become an Entrepreneur – About Me Online

Hi and thanks so much for clicking by! This page is a personal summary about me online and steps I took to become established in affiliate marketing as well as a published author and web designer.

I’m H. Erin Nelson, Best-Selling Author of Bibletoons books for children, Founder/Owner of Bibletoons Foundation and Web Designer/Owner of WorldHorizons Web . I am also a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate. Being an entrepreneur is every business person’s dream, and I would like to draw your focus to making a substantial income, aside from your current earnings.

I Love Life

I love life and have a true passion for exploring all it has to offer. I sometimes get totally lost in my writing and web designing because I enjoy it so intensely, and I feel it’s the most desirable work to put my time into. I also love a good challenge and reaching my goals in my work and in life is what I’m always striving for. Accomplishment takes root through happiness & contentment, passion & perseverance, and faith & integrity. I’m thankful for the opportunities to pursue my purpose.

My Story

If you are reading this, you may be able to relate to my life in similar ways. I am a single mother of two daughters who was always trying to make ends meet with finances. There are multiple interests that I have in order to provide a life for myself and my family. In working at home, my career has connected me to the internet. I began looking for that extra something I could do to compensate my bank account.

I pretty much stumbled onto a community with all the insight, training and help I would ever need to succeed in owning my own online affiliate business. The best part?..Doing it along side of over one million others with the same drive. Wealthy Affiliate molded me into an affiliate marketer and a humble entrepreneur with open access to an incredible earning capability!

An Affiliate Marketer’s Dream

It’s a wonderful platform designed to help EVERYONE succeed in business and to personally get mentored by endless amounts of others with like-minded goals! In my opinion, it is the best affiliate marketing training on the internet! You can create any niche business for the whole world to enjoy!

The Business: Wealthy Affiliate

The Owners: Kyle and Carson

Why I Want To Help People

I love getting people excited and positive about life! Taking on a new venture is as exciting as it gets! People should profit and be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. Think of how much better the world would be if more were happy and enjoying their time on this planet!

No matter where you are in life, you can have a great platform to stand on. And for the millennials, what better place to begin than in college at the peak of advancement into an uncertain world! I chose to mention those starting out at the prime of their lives because I never had an opportunity ____ years ago!

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The Goal of This Site

My purpose in life has always been to help others. My goal for this web site is to put Wealthy Affiliate in front of those who would like extra income or life-changing income, and those who are on a limited budget.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Every feedback or comment enhances our website. Thank you for your stories!

All the Best,

H. Erin Nelson, Author, Web Designer, WA Member, Entrepreneur

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Web Designer: WorldHorizons Web


Every feedback or comment enhances our website. Thank you for your stories!


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